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”L’ALTRADONNA was established in 2003 out of love for beautiful clothes.

We select our collection with love and care and therefore have a special feeling with every piece. Linen, cotton, silk, cashmere, denim, preferably 100% natural compositions, we are a bit obsessed with good quality.

Over the years our collections have evolved into more defined styles, which is much more significant as style is much longer lasting than fashion; like Yves Saint Laurent said: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Good quality and effortless chic appeal is what we look for in our collections.

Brands with their own unique identity complete the diversity in style at L’ALTRADONNA, together with our client we search for the best outfit, in which she feels beautiful, confident, powerful and most of all herself.

Clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and as a finishing touch perfumes about 30 high-end and niche labels. The diversity in styles is typical L’ALTRADONNA, a woman can have a whole repertoire of different styles within her wardrobe in which she feels herself. I myself love the Bohemian-French style during the summer, but in winter I feel best in clean and androgen clothes. As a mom and girlfriend I love more feminin styles, but when I am working I like to feel powerful and therefore prefer an outfit that gives me strength.”


Common Projects Original Achilles Sneakers


Common Projects is a collaboration between designers Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami. The emphasis of the brand is on fuss-free designs for shoes and trainers, with a less-is-more aesthetic. Quality leathers and hard-wearing soles are employed in the simple forms – the only superfluous decoration being the signature model number stamped near the back of the shoe. Common Projects shoes have a season-less quality that gives them added value in any wardrobe.

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